About Us

Gremlin Girl is created by neurotic director/animator Emily Rifkin and anxious actor/writer Rebecca Warm. Both alumne of Northwestern University, Emily and Rebecca moved to Los Angeles (the WEATHER, am-I-right?) to live out their creative dreams - (patience you must have my young padawan). With Emily's cartoon background and Rebecca's comedy and theatrical ventures, they value telling stories and depicting honest, relatable experiences...thus we have, GREMLIN GIRL.

Emily is a twice-Emmy nominated editor at Disney TV Animation. Her latest credits include: Big City Greens, The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, The Owl House, Fancy Nancy, Elena of Avalor, and The Mickey Mouse Shorts.

Emily studied film in college, familiarizing herself with all aspects of the filmmaking creative process. It wasn’t until senior year, however, that the dust particles of Wall-E opened her eyes to the ingenious and imaginative world of animation. Despite the fact that she could barely get by in a game of Pictionary, Emily was determined to master every aspect of animation she could. She taught herself After Effects and Maya and began working in previsualization on films such as Iron Man 3, Godzilla, and Twilight: Breaking Dawn. With experience in the biz, she began working in stop-motion (Amazon’s Tumble Leaf, Adult Swim’s SuperMansion), motion-graphics (MNET America, QYOU TV), theme-park rides (Looney Tunes, Peabody and Sherman, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs) and eventually animatic editing on a variety of TV shows, feature films, and commercials (Ninjago, LEGO Jurassic World). On her free time, she volunteers at Give A Beat Records directing and editing music videos.

She studied at FAMU in Prague and has a Masters in Creative Writing from Denver University.

Her loudest Gremlins are fears of puns falling flat and being irrelevant.   

Rebecca is a writer and actor for Big Party Show, a sketch comedy troupe that performs monthly at Three Clubs Hollywood. She’s an alumnus of the Groundlings’ Sunday Company and her latest credits come from TruTv’s comedy series, You Can Do Better.

Rebecca graduated from Northwestern University with a major in theater, in addition to being a member of the musical theater certificate program. She continued to explore her love of comedy by studying improv and sketch at the Magnet Theatre (NYC), UCB (LA) and the Groundlings. She is proud to have performed as a Studio Tour Guide at Universal Studios, in addition to acting and teaching with the Striking Viking Story Pirates, an educational outreach program that was partnered with the Geffen Playhouse during its inaugural years in Los Angeles. Rebecca toured abroad with Mattel’s musical, Barbie, Live!, originating the roles of Peg Pincushion and Duchess Amelia. This exciting, international experience was followed by more writing and acting opportunities (Spotify, Mattel, 5-Star Theatricals, We’re Having a Panic Attack). She currently produces at Moxie Films, a documentary production company.

Rebecca’s curiosity with the juxtaposition of life’s (seemingly) simple moments and it’s complex dynamics have never ceased to inspire her. She basically loves to think. A Lot. Too much. Her loudest Gremlins are fears of getting in her own way and choosing the wrong dessert.


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